Analyze Your Findings

Archive A/B Test Results

Retain Knowledge

for further analysis and future reference.

with advanced insights and actionable suggestions.

and conclusions to empower future testing

Reach Significant Conclusions

Look beyond statistical significance and gather true insights. Cronotes looks at everything from conversion rates, statistical significance, error margins, visitors, and length of testing to provide tailored insights, without the math.

Gain Actionable Insights

Cronotes puts your data to work by providing advanced analysis and suggestions to ensure your conclusions are accurate. Whether you should test longer, call the test a win or loss, or it’s too close to call we’ll provide a detailed suggestion.

Regardless of your test outcome, Cronotes will help you to learn from your testing. Build your customer theory, tag results, and refine your knowledgebase to improve future testing.

Expand Your Knowledge

Learn from your testing and form conclusions that can impact future tests. Cronotes makes it easy to tag important findings and understand what works and doesn’t for your business.

Empower Future Testing

When completing a test, Cronotes provides an easy place to save your data with familiar metrics you already use. Just fill in the test results section and archive them for future reference and analysis.

With as much data as you want.

Document Your Testing

Effortlessly record A/B results from the tools you already use. Archive everything from conversion rates, screenshots, notes, to insights, and learnings for future reference.

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Want to start managing your CRO workflow like a pro?


Want to start managing your CRO workflow like a pro?

Document & Analyze Results

Archive data and look beyond the numbers.


Archive data and look beyond the numbers.

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